Manly Wharf,

Condition assessment of wharf substructure including visual inspection and commercial diving investigation followed by determination of substructure repair scope beneath the retail areas of Manly Wharf. Included construction supervision during the repair works.

Pier One, Walsh Bay

Condition assessment, investigation and concept design of repairs to over 100 year old Monier trestle and plate seawall and rock revetment at Pier One, Walsh Bay. Investigation involved undertaking inspections, electrochemical testing of concrete seawall, side scan sonar survey and literature review of the original structure constructed by H.D Walsh. 

Maritime Museum, sydney

Condition assessment followed by design and preparation of repair scope for Pyrmont Wharf 7 for the Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM). Pyrmont Wharf 7 comprises a timber substructure with concrete deck adjacent to rock revetment and seawall. 

In addition to repair scope, lateral stability analysis and recommendations for strengthening works to allow larger vessels to moor were provided.

Circular Quay Ferry ARrestors

Structural analysis and design of repairs to original timber ferry arrestors at Circular Quay ferry hub.

Cascade Pier, Norfolk Island

On-site Superintendent duties, involving day-to-day contract administration (technical and commercial) of a marine/civil construction project, with a CAPEX in excess of $13M.  The Cascade Pier extension was constructed in open water conditions in the South Pacific Ocean.  

Yamba Ocean Pool

Assistance was provided in assessing the crack pattern in the pool floor at Yamba Ocean Pool, determining the probable cause of distress and identifying the most appropriate remedial strategy.

Kingston Dredging Study

An underwater diving investigation was undertaken to determine existing seafloor make-up which was predominantly found to be weak rippable rock such as Pumice and Tuff.  A feasibility study was undertaken to identify appropriate dredge methods, extent of work required, and estimated costs to dredge Kingston Harbour and provide improved under-keel clearance for vessels.

Garden Island Cruiser Wharf

Technical advice was provided during design of temporary works to assist the Contractor in undertaking under-wharf substructure repairs. 

Cascade Bay Bommie Demolition Study

An investigation was undertaken to determine viable demolition methods to remove a bombora (an existing navigation hazard) adjacent to the Cascade Pier, Norfolk Island

Private Mooring Facility Condition Assessment & Repair Design

Engineer’s and diver inspections followed by engineering assessment and technical advice for private mooring facility at Hunters Hill, Sydney Harbour.